Osama Reflections

Here are my reflections on the news of Osama Bin Laden's death. • Relief - Relief that the visionary figurehead of countless terrorists throughout the world won't be able to proliferate his message of hate and violence.

• Extreme Disgust - Once I jumped on facebook, I saw post after post celebrating the death of OBL. Some, like the Daily News (5/2 cover) used the phrase, "Rot in Hell." No matter how evil this man was, the thought of relishing over someone's life being snuffed out, let alone his eternal damnation, was just over the line for me. A quote from DA Carson is helpful here:

He is an evil man, and he must be stopped, but he is a man, and we should take no pleasure in destroying him. Vengeance is the Lord’s alone.

Do not offer the alternative, “Should we weep for Osama bin Laden or hold him to account for his genocide and prevent him from carrying out his violent intentions?”

The right answer is yes.

~ Love in Hard Places (Crossway, 2002), 143.

• Pride - As details emerged about the actual raid, I became extremely proud of our armed forces. As my thoughts turned to my brother-in-law serving a tour in Afghanistan with the Marines right now, I was once again reminded of the value that our brothers and sisters in arms provide. We do need them on that wall.

• Vindication - I lost one of my best friends in 9/11. And I can't help but feel a bit of vindication for Andy's life being taken. I took comfort that Bin Laden won't be able to take any more lives like he did Andy's.

• Faith - 9 days ago we were all thinking about Easter and the theories of the Resurrection. Here you have a visionary and controversial leader that was killed. And in the three days since his death, there hasn't been any murmurs from Al Qaeda that Osama is still alive or that he has been raised from the dead. Can you imagine what it would take to propagate a lie that Osama was resurrected? How much coordination would it take? And if you only had 3 days to do it? Now, how plausible is it that the helpless, hapless disciples were able to hatch the greatest scam in the history of mankind in only 3 days? Makes you think that perhaps what these disciples believed was actually true.